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Site search

Intelligent site search instantly

Easily add intelligent, world-class website search to your site in minutes to deliver a better user experience.

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A complete platform

Add site search solutions to any site or across multiple domains in minutes.

Instant indexing

You shouldn't have to wait for your search index to catch up with your content updates. Our instant indexing technology means there's no more waiting for periodic re-crawls.

Hosted search service

Get no-fuss site search software that frees you from finicky maintenance. Built on elastic infrastructure, our site search engine is fully hosted, so there's nothing for you to manage.

Search API

Build custom, fast search solutions with a robust API. There's no need to put up with slow updates for sites with a lot of dynamic content. A complete RESTful API is available to index larger collections instantly.

An AI-powered smarter site search solution

Deliver relevant content to your users by rolling out intelligent AI-powered search across your website. A few minutes is all it takes to revolutionize your customer experience.

site search example
site search example

Make search simple with a host of smart website search tools

Help visitors find exactly what they're looking for with features such as instant search, autocomplete, spell checking, filters and more, all included and ready to go to work.

Custom design your search for a tailored experience

Design engaging search experiences on your website for your users with the out-of-the-box search interface builder. React and Javascript libraries are also available for even more custom design and integration on your site.

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improve site search results

Relevant search results that continuously improve

Return relevant results that get even better with every search. Highly-tuned results are delivered through a robust built-in machine learning models that will automatically tweak rankings based on user behavior.

How can you improve your search relevance?

Measurably increase search relevance and performance through intelligent on-site search querying and results.

By constantly adapting

As trends change, your users’ needs fluctuate. Keep on top of these shifts with reinforcement learning that adapts to varying search patterns and ranks search results accordingly.

By identifying trends early

Search analytics will help you keep a finger on the pulse of your pages. Use built-in metrics to understand page trends and poorly performing keywords. Search analytics will reveal what searches led your users to individual pages or what content visitors are searching for but can't find.

By algorithm customization

It's time to test for success. Easily experiment with different search algorithms to find the one that improves access to content, self-service, site conversions, or any other success metric.

Search integrations is built for headless commerce systems or works natively on the Shopify app store.
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United Soccer League

Learn how USL improved their cross-domain, on-site search experience with powerful filters and content boosting.

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Effortlessly optimize your search and boost your conversions.