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E-commerce search

Transform clicks into conversions

Give your online store a colossal conversion boost with's measurably better e-commerce site search solutions.

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A complete platform

A few minutes is all it'll take to roll out powerful search functionality to any online store. The process is straightforward and, thanks to continuous indexing, your site will be up-to-date all the time.

Instant indexing

No more dealing with the fallout from a search index that takes too long to catch up to your content updates.'s instant indexing technology does away with old school periodic recrawls. Now, edits and new pages are added to your search index immediately.

Hosted search

Eliminate time-consuming search maintenance. Our site search engine is fully hosted and built on elastic infrastructure that scales automatically to meet customer demand. There's nothing for your team to manage. It just works.

Enterprise scale

Battle tested at more than 1000 queries per second, is ready for any sudden spike in traffic — yes, even on Black Friday — so you can rest easy.


E-commerce technology stacks are complicated, but can be integrated into everything from a headless commerce platform that serves millions of customers to a Shopify store for a small shop.

Machine-learning that yields a profitable product search

Generate more revenue with an e-commerce search engine powered by Neuralsearch® and reinforcement learning. From initial query to final checkout, it'll learn, adapt, and continuously improve based on your customers' behaviors, providing a compelling search experience that keeps them coming back.

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Always stay relevant with instant indexing

For newly added products or updates to your catalog, you don’t have to wait for changes. indexes changes instantly so you’re ready for your next big sale.

Personalized recommendations for a personal touch

Provide a custom search experience for all of your customers. Personalize results and offer relevant recommendations for visitors who are logged in or anonymous.

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query understanding and typo tolerance

Help customers find first time with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Help your customers intuitively find what they are looking for with an intelligent, semantic search and discovery. With, you can deliver relevant results for even the vaguest of search queries.

Powerful merchandising for your next sale

Display the right items and product bundles for your next sale. Curate products automatically or manually in search results or on category pages. With, you have complete control over how your items should be ordered and displayed.

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Deliver better results through A/B testing

Massively drive up revenue and results with A/B testing. Split test search results, analyze the outcome, and then leverage that real-time data to drive more on-site conversions.

“ have created a great product that's powerful and easy to use. Most importantly, the team provide exceptional customer service and are always happy to listen to your requirements and answer any questions.”

Paul Bowen
Solution Architect

E-commerce search integrations is built for headless commerce systems or works natively on the Shopify app store.
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Find out how Catch, one of Australia’s largest online retailers, optimized its site and app search using's machine learning-driven search solution to display more relevant products, boost conversion rates, and increase profit.

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Effortlessly optimize your search and boost your conversions.