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Why are there no records in my website collection?

Why are there no records in my website collection? Our crawler may have encountered issues with your site during initial crawl. If our crawler encounters errors or if you have redirects or canonicals which cause redirect loops, we will abandon crawling.

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No synonyms, rules, stopwords or other hacks needed. Great results - no matter how visitors construct their search query. We pioneered the use of AI to deliver incredible search results at scale.

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Neural Hashing Whitepaper

Vector-based search engines are more accurate, but they’re slow by comparison, may scale poorly, and/or are very expensive to operate.

Can I use my account with multiple domains, sites, or applications?

There are certain limits to the amount of collections you can create on each plan, see more details on our. pricing. page. To add another sites or domains to your collection, go to the. Domains section. of your console and click on “Add Domain“.

What impact does have on ROI?

According to Google's own research, slow search has a real impact on site and cart abandonment rates. Search that is relevant delights your users and makes your content more discoverable.

The ROI of Site Search

AI search. can increase revenue anywhere from. 10% to 30%. Speaking of AI vs keyword-only search, sites with a semantic-based search engine have a. low 2% rate in shopping cart abandonment. , compared to as much as 40% on sites with plain text search.

What programming language is built in? is built 100% with Go. Go is a great language for speed, concurrency and distributed programming. Check out our. Github project. for more content on Go. Support. Docs. Community. Help Center. Status. Resources. Docs. API. SDKs. React Libraries.

How AI Search Increases Conversions eBook

According to Accenture, AI search can boost revenue 10% to 30%. If your e-commerce customers can’t quickly find what they want because of a weak search engine, you’re leaving money on the table.

The Elements of Search

Slow search can impact brand perception, customer experience, and even sales. Speed isn't just a nice-to-have, it's a must have! Vertical scale. : Search needs to be able to scale, whether it's Black Friday or any other day of the year.