AI powered search for your Drupal site is an AI-powered search and discovery platform that can be added to Drupal in minutes. Deliver better search results and create dynamically re-reranking collections that improve automatically to optimize for more conversions.

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Up and running in minutes can be added to your Drupal CMS in minutes through a native Drupal search API module. Easily add instant search with spell checking, filters, autocomplete, and more. Get granular control over search configuration through intuitive Drupal-native controls.

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Built with Neuralsearch®

Neuralsearch® is our own proprietary search technology to deliver amazingly relevant results in milliseconds. It eliminates much of the hard work previously required to make search work well. For instance you no longer need to add synonyms, complex search rules, keyword stuff titles, or plug-in additional language packs.

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Built-in search metrics

Use built-in metrics to understand page trends and poorly performing keywords. Search analytics can help you see what searches led your users to individual pages, or which content visitors are searching for but can’t find.

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Smart promotions

Deliver curated results to delight customers. Boost results based on rules you’ve set and curate website pages, products, or offers to display at the top of search results and dynamic catalog pages.

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Ranking management

Leverage your own site’s click stream data to build an intelligent feedback loop. Built-in continuous reinforcement learning knows which results drive conversions to promote the best results to the top, even when personalizing results for each user.

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Case study
United Soccer League

Learn how USL improved their cross-domain, on-site search experience with powerful filters and content boosting.

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