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WBR Insights: The Role of On-Site Search in a Changing Ecommerce Industry


On-site search is one of the most important aspects of eCommerceCX, yet many companies are subjecting their customers to a mediocre search experience on their eCommerce websites.

Based on a survey from WBR Insights, this exclusive report explores how retailers and brands are prioritizing on-site search and what steps they’ve taken to leverage artificial intelligence, language processing, and other technologies in their eCommerce strategy. The report analyzes how retailers’ current capabilities—or lack thereof—are impacting their revenue, sales, and customer experiences. Readers will find actionable insights on how they can improve the on-site search experience as well.

Some findings include:

  • 37% say their customers have trouble finding products or information on their website at least somewhat often.
  • Most respondents (55%) claim they plan to invest 11% – 20% of their eCommerce website budget on on-site search optimization over the next 12 months.
  • 39% of respondents use some form of AI as part of their on-site search technology strategy; Among the 61% who do not, 50% claim they are working on AI-based capabilities.
  • When asked to identify the top-two features they would like to see implemented on their site search, nearly half of respondents identified personalization (48%), recommendations (47%), and searchandising (45%), in each case.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • About the Respondents
  • Key Insights
  • Ecommerce Businesses Struggle to Prioritize On-Site Search
  • Most Organizations Are Using or Working Toward Personalization and Indexing Features
  • Ecommerce Organizations Struggle to Achieve Real-Time Indexing
  • Concerns About Cost and Speed Inhibit AI Ambitions
  • Organizations Are Allocating Ecommerce Budgets for On-Site Search
  • Ecommerce Websites Deliver Results But Are Difficult to Manage
  • Overcoming Barriers to Advanced On-Site Search
  • Key Suggestions
  • About the Authors

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