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Neuralsearch recorded webinar


Introducing Neuralsearch™

We're excited to introduce you to Neuralsearch, the world's first instant AI site search technology! In this webinar, we present an overview of Neuralsearch and show it running on a live e-commerce website.

Neuralsearch is built on top of a new type of artificial intelligence algorithm and processing engine that leverages neural hashes. It makes it simple to add powerful search to your site while eliminating the complexity and effort that's normally required for site search. Most search engines can either optimize for speed or accuracy, or tradeoff simplicity and power, but with Neuralsearch, customers get the best of all worlds.

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  • What Neuralsearch is and why it's so transformative for on-site search
  • How ranking and relevance affect search results
  • How to teach Neuralsearch to adjust results with a mouse click
  • Ideal scenarios and use cases for Neuralsearch

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