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Design the perfect search experience

Give users a captivating search experience that will boost conversions, nurture brand loyalty and keep them coming back.'s comprehensive website search platform gives you everything you need to easily design smart search interactions.

search ui

Search interface design

Put your best foot forward with a unified search experience. Use our built-in search designer or ReactSDK to create a sophisticated search experience to match your site’s design.

Search builder

Beautifully crafted search can be tailored in minutes to harmonize with your colors, format, and styles — no need for custom development.

Result templates

Use one of our templates inspired by some of the world's most beloved retailers. Or create your own template tailored to your brand with the built-in template editor.

React SDK

For greater flexibility, leverage our open-source React SDK to create a custom search experience like no other.

mobile search designmobile search results example

Instant search

Don't keep users waiting. A lag of microseconds is all it takes for a customer to click away to a competitor.'s instant search is a critical site search tool that enables results to change in real-time as visitors type in their queries. Our instant search is a combination of lightning speed and reliable relevance that will drive up online conversions.

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Search suggestions

Dynamic, typeahead search suggestions with typo tolerance provide instant gratification. Help visitors pinpoint content faster without concern of misspellings.

site search experiencesearch sorting and filtersecommerce search filters

Facets and filters

Level up your users' search experience with dynamically-generated filters and facet functionality. Hand your customers the reins — allowing them to refine results with powerful, out-of-the-box filter components.

site search ui / ux design

Results pages

Customize your search results pages to match your site’s design and feel. Images, headings, pagination, tabs, modals, and other elements can be easily styled to provide easy-to-skim results.

search filters

Dynamic category pages can also power your dynamic collections pages. Using the same personalization, merchandising, relevance, and ranking capabilities, you can publish dynamic catalog pages that match your site’s look and feel.

Create a sophisticated search experience that users love