Continuously improve results with insightful analytics

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. analytics put your search into whole new perspective. Uncover search trends, what your customers were looking for in the first place, and what needs fixing.

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Keep your fingers on the pulse with key metrics

Analytics are central to making good business decisions. Search metrics capture the exact state of user intent, and with you can get smart insights to improve search results.

Search trends

Search trends are the heartbeat of your search solution. Discover trends on how overall search volume and click-through rates change over time and get a high-level understanding of how well your search is performing.

Top searches

Understand what your customers are looking for in any given week or a month. Identify changes in user intent early and adjust your content or product offering accordingly.

Ineffective searches / Zero result searches

Get the analytics you need to make decisions. Fruitless searches are a goldmine of opportunity to refine your content, which leads to to happier consumers and better business performance.

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Discover more with search explorer

Leverage the power of the search explorer to dive deep into individual queries. Whether it’s to understand better the volume and performance of top searches or to monitor how ineffective searches are improving over time. The search explorer provides all the insights you need to make your search even more productive.

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See the real picture with A/B testing

With the ability to slice and dice every report by pipeline, you can run different search configurations in parallel and understand exactly which ones perform better on various metrics.

Measure, improve and perfect for the optimal search experience