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Relevance, in a nutshell, is what customers want. You no longer need to write rules, add common synonyms, manage language packs, or stuff your data with keywords to make on-site search accurate. still looks for the keywords from queries, but also understands intent. We go beyond keywords to understand concepts and questions.

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Misspellings and incorrect terminology (“vertical” vs “upright”) are not a problem

neuralsearch example

Concepts over keywords. Neither search term is included on the website, but the intent is still understood

neuralsearch example

Answer question style queries. No synonyms, rules, stopwords or other hacks needed.

Great results - no matter how visitors construct their search query.

Neuralsearch®: the world’s first instant AI site search

AI search relevance in single-digit millisecond query times and at scale was unheard of — until now. Neuralsearch is instant AI search. The meaning of queries is understood and the most relevant results are returned fast — before your customers can lift their fingers from the keyboard.

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Concepts over keywords

It’s time to ditch synonyms, keyword stuffing, and search hacks. Keywords are great clues but the context is far more important. Neuralsearch teams up with keywords to understand the meaning of queries, without needing synonyms or rules.

Teach relevance

If you have an exception that Neuralsearch doesn't understand, that's no problem. Click to teach it what is relevant for you. You won’t need it most of the time, but it’s there when needed.

Spelling & synonyms dynamically creates spelling probability models based on your data and customer queries, but also supplements this with conceptual relevance as mentioned above.

Microseconds matter

Amazon once studied the impact of latency on revenue and it was profound, about 1% for every 0.1 seconds of latency. is the worlds first instant AI search service with an average query time less than 0.01 seconds — easily inside the human comprehension of instantaneous.

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Textual adjustments

Your site’s page titles, product descriptions, tags, and other data influences relevance. If you’d like to put more emphasis on tags than titles, or categories than descriptions, it’s incredibly simple to do. Adjust scoring and preview new results in real time. You can even save different settings to A/B test how they impacts results.

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Get personal with search personalization and recommendations

Personalization is a huge part of relevance. Tailor results to each individual based on their past search, browsing, and purchase history, or even personalize search results for first time visitors.

Brand affinity

Know what brand names your visitors prefer to buy? Elevate content in the search results based on their brand purchasing history and see an uptick in consumer loyalty and retention.


Leverage the power of locality by showing users the right products for their location. Depending on where your customers are shopping, you can personalize the results by showing them the best products for their postal code.

Age, gender, or bargain hunters

Adjust results based on age, gender, or even behavior. With, it’s simple to write (and even A/B test) rules for different attributes to prioritize high-value products in your search result.

Introduce intelligent search to your site seamlessly in minutes.