Ranking, the real money maker

Do you want to sell more iPhone cases or iPhones? The former converts higher but the latter is more profitable. Both are relevant, but better ranking can have massive business impact. Search.io will automatically improve results that lead to the best outcomes, and also gives you complete control to manually adjust results whenever and however you want.

reinforcement learning

Reinforcement learning is a conversion flywheel

Leverage your own site’s clickstream data to build an intelligent feedback loop. Built-in continuous reinforcement learning knows which results drive conversions to promote the best ones to the top, even when personalizing results for each user.

Optimize for success

Whether you define success as clicks, signups, conversions, transactions — or all the above — Search.io will continuously improve results to deliver on your business goals, even while you’re sleeping.

Constantly adapting

Stay on top of changing trends and deliver relevant results that your customers are looking for. Reinforcement learning constantly adapts to the changing priorities in your users’ lives and ranks search results accordingly.

Algorithm customization

You have complete control over the built-in learning. Tweak results until they’re perfect and watch the impact on your conversion rate! Fine-tuning your search algorithm is incredibly fast and easy, with a search ranking preview that updates as you type.

search examplerelevance settingssearch preview

Continuous improvement through ranking adjustments

Curate results by hand when you need to enforce exceptions, otherwise use automation to improve results, even while you’re sleeping. No other search platform gives users the ability to configure these kinds of changes so easily.

Define success

Search trends are the heartbeat of your search solution. Discover trends on how overall search volume and click-through rates change over time and get a high-level understanding of how well your search is performing.

Dynamic boosting

Understand what your customers are looking for in any given week or a month. Identify changes in user intent early and adjust your content or product offering to boost higher converting results automatically.

Amplify any attribute

Get the analytics you need to make decisions. Fruitless searches are a goldmine of opportunity to refine your content, which leads to happier consumers and better business performance.

Save, improve, repeat

Your search configurations can be adjusted, saved, and tested. Identify the best converting configurations. Re-use search settings for different sales or times of the year.

ecommerce site search exampleab split testing resultssearch pipeline version

A/B testing

Get the very best from your site by testing different configurations. A/B testing will help you determine which settings give the greatest uplift in conversions, clicks, revenue, or whatever metric you choose. When you find a winner, set it as the new default, or keep testing to see just how high you can boost outcomes.

Measure, improve and perfect for the optimal search experience