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Instant relevance, incredible results

Neuralsearch™ is our own proprietary semantic technology to deliver amazingly relevant search results. It eliminates much of the hard work previously required to make search work well. For instance you no longer need to add synonyms, complex search rules, keyword-stuff titles, or plug-in additional language packs. Neuralsearch gives you incredible relevance, out-of-the-box, delivered in milliseconds.

The average speed at which queries are returned. Faster than blinking.
more relevant
Amaze customers with incredible results out-of-the-box.
less effort
No rules, synonyms, or keywords to manage. Get your time back.
neuralsearch example

Misspellings and incorrect terminology (“vertical” vs “upright”) are not a problem

neuralsearch example

Concepts over keywords. Neither search term is included on the website, but the intent is still understood

neuralsearch example

Answer question style queries. No synonyms, rules, stopwords or other hacks needed.

Great results - no matter how visitors construct their search query.

Redefine what’s possible

Neuralsearch will completely change what you thought possible. Neuralsearch is instant AI search with almost no information loss. The meaning of queries is understood and the most relevant results are returned before your customers can even lift their fingers from the keyboard.


Neuralsearch goes beyond keywords to actually understand the meaning of queries, including concepts and questions.

Minimal effort, incredible results

There’s no rules to write, no synonyms to create, and no hacks needed. With, your team can focus on building a great business instead of wrangling site search algorithms and rules.

Optimize with a click

Adjusting results is as easy as a click of a button. No rules to write, no data models to create. Get your time back to build your business.

Milliseconds matter

Neuralsearch is the world's first instant AI search service. It's not only the most intelligent search you’ve ever seen, but it's also measurably faster than other AI search. No compromises.

Neuralsearch FAQs

What is Neuralsearch?’s Neuralsearch is built on a new type of artificial intelligence engine that utilizes neural hashes to compress and drastically speed up queries. Neuralsearch combines the power of vector search with blazing fast performance and self-learning capabilities. This new hybrid engine delivers combined contextual and keyword based results in single digit millisecond time frames no matter the catalog size.

Neuralsearch removes the need for the majority of synonyms and language rules and allows highly relevant results to be delivered out of the box with lower ongoing management.

Most search engines are built on keywords, which will soon be considered obsolete. Some newer search engines are AI-based (vector search mainly). Neuralsearch is a hybrid of both. Vector search typically optimizes for speed or accuracy, but we’ve managed to replace vectors with neural hashes and speed that up significantly.  Neuralsearch is the fastest and most accurate hybrid search engine available today.

What does “instant” AI search mean?

Traditional keyword search engines are fast, but not very accurate. Vector-based search engines are more accurate, but they’re slow by comparison, may scale poorly, and/or are very expensive to operate. Amazon famously did a study in which they demonstrated that even just a 100 millisecond lag in page speed loading had a profoundly negative consequence on user experience. Improving search engine experience has been a tradeoff between search quality versus search speed.

Neuralsearch is the world’s first instant AI search engine that doesn’t make this tradeoff. By instant, we mean there is effectively zero perceived lag from the time a search query is entered to returning results. In many cases, Neuralsearch is actually faster than keyword search!

What is neural hashing?

Neuralsearch is a neural hashing engine — an AI data serving engine that uses neural networks to compress search vectors into hashes that use 1/10th of the RAM and speed up AI-based queries by several orders of magnitude. This allows us to deliver AI search in millisecond timeframes, at scale.

What are search vectors?

Search vectors are mathematical representations of text, in this case both search queries and the items indexed (products, records, pages etc). Artificial intelligence has been built on the back of vector arithmetic. Vectors understand the context of text. A keyword-based search engine wouldn’t know that “snow,” “cold,” and “winter” are related ideas, but vector based search engines do understand these relationships to deliver better results than keywords alone.

How is Neuralsearch different from other AI search engines?

Many companies claim to offer AI search, but they are either simply tacking AI capabilities on top of an existing search solution (which slows results and can be difficult to train) or not actually delivering AI. Neuralsearch is the only true hybrid search service (combines both keyword and AI search simultaneously in the same index) we are aware of that delivers single digit millisecond query times no matter the scale or query throughput. Additionally, Neuralsearch has a unique one-click improvement UI that allows anyone to teach relevance as needed.

How can I try Neuralsearch?

Neuralsearch is currently in beta. Contact us to get it set up on a free test account.

Introduce intelligent search to your site seamlessly in minutes.