Index instantly with a crawler that stays on its toes

Keep content current instead of relying on painfully slow periodic crawls. With, your content is always up-to-date for visitors searching your site.

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Crawler and APIs

Introduce an intelligent search to your website quickly and easily. Instantly index content from your site, getting your search up and running in mere minutes. Simply enter your domain name, and the crawler will do the rest. Want even faster updates? Use our REST APIs to index and update content from any source.

Custom field extraction

Give your users greater flexibility to search and discover with custom field extractions. Transform your site into structured content with custom tags to add more information to your pages and enrich the search experience for end-users.

Automatic categorization

Save time and effort by leveraging your site's metadata. Your content will automatically be categorized, allowing you to group results by context, topic, type, location, date, or whatever categories are relevant to your business.

PDF/DOC indexing

Unlock all the content on your site, including surface information hidden in PDF or Microsoft Office documents.'s crawler automatically indexes your documents and makes the content available in the search results.

Cross domain search

Help users find content with fewer clicks by creating a unified search experience across multiple sites. Federate information from different websites — regardless of the underlying technology — or bring together your website, documentation, blog, and community forum under a single search experience.

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Instant indexing

Outdated content means lost opportunity. With, when you update your catalog or site, your index is updated instantly so visitors are seeing the most current content.

Introduce intelligent search to your site seamlessly in minutes.