relevance settings

Build your own algorithm

Search optimization is available to everyone. Use built-in relevance settings or the pipeline editor to configure, preview, and publish custom settings. Every change is saved and versioned so you can roll back if needed.

Personal recommendations

Recommendations can be one-to-one (“because you purchased this…”) or one-to-many (“frequently bought together…”). Both kinds of recommendations are possible.


Powered by Neuralsearch®, recommendations are an order of magnitude better than what you’ll find anywhere else.

Even works for anonymous visitors

Even if visitors aren’t logged in or cookied, you can use attributes like seasonality, time zone, time of day, and similar purchases to deliver recommendations.

reinforcement learning

Re-rank results automatically to maximize outcomes

Leverage your own site’s clickstream data to build an intelligent feedback loop. Built-in continuous reinforcement learning knows which results drive conversions to promote the best ones to the top, even when personalizing results for each user.

Brand affinity

Know what brand names your visitors prefer to buy? Elevate content in the search results based on their brand purchasing history and see an uptick in consumer loyalty and retention.


Leverage the power of locality by showing users the right products for their location. Depending on where your customers are shopping, you can personalize the results by showing them the best products for their postal code.

Age, gender, or bargain hunters

Adjust results based on age, gender, or even behavior. With, it’s simple to write (and even A/B test) rules for different attributes to prioritize high-value products in your search result.

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A/B testing

Get the very best from your site by testing different configurations. A/B testing will help you determine which settings give the greatest uplift in conversions, clicks, revenue, or whatever metric you choose. When you find a winner, set it as the new default, or keep testing to see just how high you can boost outcomes.

Introduce intelligent search to your site seamlessly in minutes.