Build dynamic browsing experiences, too

You might call it a landing page, product collection, category, or a product listing page (PLP). Whatever you call it, we can power it. The same merchandising, personalization, and relevance rules you build for search can apply to to any dynamic content pages on your site.

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Dynamic page content

You can build great user experiences for customers that browse your site, too. Create and curate dynamic listing pages with ease. Use the same dynamic boosts, personalization, and promotions features you’ve already configured for search results to deliver great results across your site. 

Build and curate fast

Curate results manually with simple drag-and-drop features, or use rules to add content based on any criteria you choose such as brand, margin, ratings, and more.

Optimize for conversion

Automatically reorder products based on purchasing trends, popularity, conversion probability, and more. Dynamic boosting constantly adapts to your site's performance to maximize conversions.

Add smart filters

Level up your users' search experience with dynamically-generated filters and facet functionality. Hand your customers the reins — allowing them to refine results with powerful, out-of-the-box filter components.

Personalize content

Tailor results to each individual based on their past search, browsing, and purchase history, or even personalize search results for first time visitors.

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Promote best sellers

Need more control to order products or results? No problem. Hand-select the products you want to display at the top of dynamic category and collections pages. You can curate results with dynamic rules or by hand. Whichever process you choose, you have complete control over the results. 

Introduce intelligent search to your site seamlessly in minutes.