Built-in semantic technology, Neuralsearch delivers amazingly relevant search results out-of-the-box, delivered in milliseconds.


Super semantic

Neuralsearch goes beyond keywords to actually understand the meaning of queries, including concepts and questions.

Optimize with a click

No rules or synonyms to write. Adjusting results is as easy as a click of a button.

Milliseconds matter

It's not only the most intelligent search you’ve ever seen, but it's also much faster than other AI search. No compromises.

AI site search

Search UI

Give users a captivating search experience that will boost conversions, nurture brand loyalty and keep them coming back.


Search interface design

Use our built-in search designer or ReactSDK to create brilliant search experiences.

Instant search

Zero lag search results to help drive online conversions and improve customer experience.

Search suggestions

Dynamic, typeahead search suggestions with typo tolerance.

Facets and filters

Create dynamically-generated search filters and facets.

Results pages

Customize your search results pages to match your site's look and feel.

Dynamic category pages can power your dynamic category pages, too!


Keep content current instead of relying on painfully slow periodic crawls. With, your content is always up-to-date for visitors searching your site.


Crawler and APIs

Keep your search results up-to-date with instant indexing via the built-in crawler or API.

Instant indexing

The search index updates in near real-time as you add or edit records on your site.

Query understanding

Sizes, shapes, colors, materials, years, makes, models, etc! Queries often include structure with very specific intent. Language can also be very vague and up to 25% of queries may be misspelled. Fortunately,’s powerful query understanding models ensure that your customers can type just about anything into your search box and get great results.


Natural language processing

Built-in NLP ensures great results no matter how complex your customers' queries are.

Multi-language support

Build multi-lingual AI search solutions with built-in language capabilities.


Pipelines allow you to configure data ingestion and search algorithms via simple YAML notation.


Relevance, in a nutshell, is what customers want. You no longer need to write rules, add common synonyms, manage language packs, or stuff your data with keywords to make on-site search accurate. still looks for the keywords from queries, but also understands intent to go beyond keywords to also understand concepts and questions.



Get instant relevance for your collection from the world's first instant AI site search engine.

Textual adjustments

Easily adjust search results using intuitive controls with real-time previews.

Personalization and recommendations

Personalize results and search recommendations for new or returning visitors.


Do you want to sell more iPhone cases or iPhones? The former converts higher but the latter is more profitable. Both are relevant, but better ranking can have massive business impact. will automatically improve results that lead to the best outcomes, and also gives you complete control to manually adjust results whenever and however you want.


Reinforcement learning

Leverage your own site's clickstream data to continuously optimize search results.

Ranking adjustments

Curate results with drag-and-drop features or use dynamic rules — you have complete control.

A/B Testing

Get the very best from your site search by split testing different configurations.


Deliver curated results to delight customers. Boost results based on rules you’ve set and curate products or offers to display at the top of search results and dynamic catalog pages.


Merchandising & promotions

Curate products and boost visibility in search results and campaigns.

Personalized recommendations

Personalize results and recommendations along the entire customer journey.



You can build great user experiences for customers that browse your site, too. Use the same dynamic boosts, personalization, and promotions features you’ve already configured for search results.


Dynamic page content

Build, curate, and launch your browsable page content in minutes.

Promote best sellers

Hand-select the products you want to display at the top of dynamic category and collections pages.


You can’t improve what you can’t measure. analytics put your search into whole new perspective. Uncover search trends, what your customers were looking for in the first place, and what needs fixing.


Key metrics

Get smart, real-time insights into user behavior to help you improve results.

Search explorer

Dive deep into individual queries to better understand search performance.

A/B Testing

Split test search configurations to drive up conversions, revenue, and customer success.

search metrics


Pipelines give you flexibility and granular control to customize results exactly the way you want. With pipelines, you can add powerful functionality to your search collections without complex coding or configuration.


Search index

Configure data ingestion and search algorithms via simple YAML-based notation.

Query algorithm

Design your search algorithm with scoring, boosting, filtering, and more.

search pipelines

Search API

Add reliable, intelligent search to your mobile or web application.'s advanced search platform and search APIs offer unfailing uptime, a fast, responsive search, and insightful analytics.

search api
Introduce intelligent search to your site seamlessly in minutes.