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Product demos

Here are a few brief demos of how works. Try on your own site, or click below to schedule a live demo with our team.

Search UI elements

In this demo, we show what an end-user experience can look like. Features such as instant search, autocomplete, dynamic filters, and more are standard. In the next demo, we show you how it's built.

UI builder

Ready to build the perfect search UI? With, that's no problem. We've included a UI builder — a simple editor for building search experiences. More advanced customers can also use our ReactSDK to create custom search.

Merchandising and promotions

Use promotion features to merchandise certain products for one or more campaigns. Campaigns can be created and scheduled. Select products manually or use dynamic rules.

Relevance and ranking

With, you can adjust the search algorithm to improve result relevance and ranking. Boost products higher or lower in search results to get exactly the outcomes you expect.

Browse can also power your dynamic catalog or collections pages. The same promotions, ranking adjustments, and dynamic boosting you configure for search will work on your browse content.


Results can be personalized for each customer. Using attributes such as gender, geo location, past purchase or search history, you can deliver better results and a better customer experience.


Neuralsearch™ understands concepts and complex queries to provide great results that traditional search engines would fail with. Customer can create a Neural Index in just a couple of minutes.

That's just a taste of what you can do.