What goes into a great search experience?

The Elements of Search [Infographic]

It’s a new era

You can’t truly innovate on 20 year old technology you don’t control. Yet, that’s what most search companies try to do. Lift up the covers, you’ll most likely find that your favorite search provider has built their search solution on outdated open-source technology they don’t own or control.

We’re playing on a different field.

We built Search.io from the ground up to deliver 10x better results than a traditional search engine with deep integration of vectors and newer hash-based index types to take full advantage of AI and machine learning.

Most search engines require a great deal of engineering to write custom rules, leverage real-time business data, and manage infrastructure to handle sudden spikes in queries. At the same time, most customers don’t have the luxury to hire a team of search engineers and data scientists to do it all.

Search for everyone

With Search.io, any organization can set up and configure world-class search in minutes, and then optimize search results to meet their needs. All without having to worry about infrastructure management, scaling, and security. Customers can implement advanced search capabilities — like reinforcement learning or hybrid dense-sparse retrieval — in minutes.

It’s an all new approach to search built for the speed of business. Today, we power billions of queries across more than a thousand sites... and we are just getting started.

case study


Catch increased their search conversion rate more than 40% and generate millions in extra revenue with over 100x return on investment (ROI).

case study


One of the world's largest rental companies improved their lead performance over 17% with better natural language processing for search.

case study


ServiceNSW saw a 50% reduction in query rewrites and 9% increase in online transactions.

sites run Search.io

We power search for everyone — from small businesses to some of the world’s largest enterprises.

YoY query growth

We’re growing fast, but we have still have plenty of room to grow.

requests / month

No limits. We scale with the biggest of the biggest already. Millions of product pages and sudden spikes in traffic are no problem.

updates / sec

We are the only search technology supporting full upserts. Your updates are instantly live in milliseconds, no matter the scale.


The average speed at which queries are returned. Faster than the blink of an eye. The worlds first instant AI search.

Our mission

We aim to enable every organization to build smart search and discovery solutions.

Companies of all sizes use Search.io to deploy high performance site search and discovery to drive more revenue, improve customer experience, and grow their business online.


Our leaders did great things at companies like Microsoft, eBay, Google, Atlassian, Magento and others...

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Dave Howden
hamish ogilvy
Hamish Ogilvy
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Jens Schumacher
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Joe Ayyoub

Our values

Values help to drive decisions, inform hiring and onboarding, and provide direction in new feature development and customer success.

Take ownership

Own problems and drive solutions. Take responsibility. If something needs to be fixed or can be improved, make it happen.

1% better every day

Small improvements — to ourselves, the product, and the company — compound. By relentlessly seeking solutions, we increase our chances of prevailing.

More angles, better perspectives

Be curious, ask why, have an open mind, invite diverse views and opinions.

Champion the customer

Our success starts and ends with our customers’ success. Seek to understand their goals and be their advocate.

It's about outcomes

We measure success in outcomes, not hours. Your wellbeing & family are paramount.


Great benefits and work/life balance. Teams in the US and Australia. And yes, we're remote friendly!

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