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Case study

Learn why Equisolve selected for its clients' search

Agency site search case study

Deployed to over 50 sites

When Google Site Search (GSS) was sunsetted in early 2018, Equisolve needed a drop-in solution that could match existing features from GSS, as well as provide a responsive and intuitive search platform for customers. It needed to be painless to install, with easy customization options, and helpful support to properly service a long client list.


Out-of-the-box search functionality

Getting a custom search solution up and running can be tedious. Creating an index, identifying what pages are to be included, and tweaking the customer experience can take weeks, if not months, and often results in a lackluster search experience.

With Site Search, Equisolve were simply able to create a Collection for each customer, enter which domains were to be included, and's crawler was able to pull relevant data and build an index, all in about fifteen minutes.

Tailor-made solutions

Equisolve were finding it difficult to find a site search solution that was flexible and customizable enough to accommodate a host of different websites; after all, no two clients are ever the same.

"We have some customers with very specific audiences with specific needs and what they’re looking for," says Eric. "We can serve our customers better if we’re customizing what’s coming back in these results, and's extensive options for customization help us achieve that." has SDKs available in several popular languages - which means personalized search experiences are easy to implement, and with direct access to our API, customization is boundless.

Responsive support has offices around the world, so Equisolve were assured that if any questions came up, they would be addressed by the Sajari team as soon as possible.

“The support structure has been excellent,” says Matt. “Queries are addressed directly, and help is available at any time.” provides continuous monitoring and alerts for Enterprise plans. All customers support tickets are addressed within 24 hours, and most issues can be resolved in a few hours.

" started as a great drop-in replacement for Google Site Search but has enabled us to go even further with search than before. You guys are awesome!"

Eric Mason, CTO, Equisolve

The verdict

Equisolve have now implemented across approximately 50 of their customers' sites, with plans to keep integrating Site Search across more. What started as a request for a direct replacement to Google Site Search, Equisolve now has an intelligent search feature available for all of their customers.

"Getting a new search up and running is very quick. It usually takes only 15 to 20 minutes."

Matthew Gonzales, Director, Web Development, Equisolve

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