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Read More Can Power Your Shopify Search Can Power Your Shopify Search powers hundreds of millions of e-commerce searches a month, helping our customers to increase their revenue while providing a better experience to their users.

Today we are making the same technology that powers companies such as and (read the case study) available to Shopify stores, no matter whether they are large or small.

Out-of-the-box search that just works delivers great results out of the box. Smart autocomplete suggestions and spell-correction capabilities not only learn from your data, but also from your user’s behavior.

Real-time Sync

Once you’ve completed the set-up, syncs your Shopify products in real-time, making sure that your search and product data are always up to date.

But doesn’t just sync with your Shopify data. If you have performance or other business data in different systems, you can integrate and leverage this data to adjust your search result ranking. Optimize for revenue, margin, or whatever outcome you like.


Customize your search algorithm and and add powerful functionality — such as image color analysis for adding color filters to your search — with pipelines.

Pipelines are a new feature only available in that allow you to break down complex problems into smaller pieces that can be mixed, matched, and combined to create incredibly powerful custom search solutions. Read more about pipelines here.

pipeline preview

ML-enhanced re-ranking algorithms tracks behavioral data to improve and personalize search results. Query terms and the related counts of click-throughs, cart adds, and purchases are leveraged to improve future search outcomes.

Increase your revenue by 15% or more with A/B testing can run multiple search configurations against the same index (ie, no reindexing is required), allowing you to continuously improve your search results and search outcomes.

Sign-up for access

Our Shopify Marketplace app is still a few weeks away, but if you would like to start using the APIs or get early access to the Marketplace integration, get in touch today.

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