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Search.io for Shopify 2.0 Themes

Search.io for Shopify 2.0 Themes

Shopify announced 2.0 themes last year with new, more flexible features and improvements. Today, we’re excited to release our support for 2.0 themes. 

Shopify customers can deploy Search.io with a single click onto the new free 2.0 themes or entirely customer themes.

How it works

Build a search bar and search results that are in sync with your Shopify theme design.

Design your search bar and product filters to match, and preview the new theme before setting it live for your customers. You can use our UI search interface builder to design the search experience, or more technical users can access the code to make more advanced customizations. 

Search suggestions, instant search, spelling, and other features come out of the box. It can also power Shopify catalog page(s); the same search settings for merchandising, product ranking, personalization, filters and facets, etc., can drive results on your catalog pages. Using the same settings greatly simplifies your job so you can spend more time designing great experiences for your customers.

Get started for free! It takes just a few minutes to install Search.io via the Shopify app store, and not much longer to design your search results and catalog pages. Head on over to the Shopify App Store to install Search.io free for 14-days. 

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