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There’s a small, but mighty new feature in Search.io. You can now edit and delete fields via both the admin console or API. This flexibility allows for much faster iteration and correction of mistakes as you define your data schema and optimize it for high performance search. 

schema editing

Data indexed into Search.io is defined by schema to optimize storage space and query execution speed. Schemas have many performance advantages, particularly for customers with high query per second (QPS) requirements where tiny performance issues compound enormously in terms of cpu cycles and memory overhead. 

You might be thinking that schema editing should be a simple, standard feature. After all, it’s a part of most open source solutions. However, because we also update our indexes in real-time more like a database, this is a much more complex problem than for standard immutable search indexes. 

Distributed systems are hard. Managing data changes across many services, spanning many machines is challenging, but that’s also why we are here. It’s deceptive that a small button click is actually doing much much more, but that’s what great software is meant to look like also!

Schema editing is now live. With just a few clicks, customers can rename the schema in the collection or add an optional description. 

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