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Redirects: Drive Visitors to the Right Pages

Redirects: Drive Visitors to the Right Pages

Promotion Rules allow you to curate collections or popular searches with a beautifully simple, visual interface. Helping you to optimise your results and tell creative story via manual curation. Maybe you even show custom content that help tell the story on that page. Now it’s just a matter of getting more customers to those pages, and that’s where Redirects come in!

Redirects make it extremely easy to guide your customers when they search. Instead of showing the standard search result page, they redirect the customer to specific pages.

Create redirects for your most popular searches and show your customers and curated and optimized experience rather than the standard search results. That extra level of control, can make a world of a difference to your conversion rates.

Setting up a redirect in seconds

You no longer have to write any code or ask your development team for help to set up a redirect for search queries. All you need to do is enter a URL to redirect to and specify a condition. For example “search contains shoe”. It literally takes seconds to add a redirect.

Unlimited possibilities

But redirects can not only be used to direct people to collection pages. You can also “read users mind” and take them to the right places. For example, if they are searching for “Shipping”, you can redirect them to the “Shipping Information” page that tells them everything they need to know about shipping.  

Redirects are a seemingly small improvement, but open up huge opportunities to improve your customers experience. Happy redirecting!

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