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New Neuralsearch Configuration Is Here

New Neuralsearch Configuration Is Here

Neuralsearch™ is a powerful new artificial intelligence engine for site search. The Neuralsearch private beta was announced last December, and today with the release of Neuralsearch configuration in the console, anyone can create a neural index.

With the closed beta, only a handful of customers have been able to experience Neuralsearch. Early results have been positive. One of our retail customers, for example, improved search conversions by 5%, representing a $1 million per month uplift. And, they’re just getting started!

Now, anyone can set it up themselves. 

Next time you visit the dashboard, simply follow a few steps — highlighted in the Notifications panel in the top status bar — and you’ll be up and running with Neuralsearch in no time!

Neuralsearch config

Configuring Neuralseach starts with creating a new neural index. The new search index is built with neural hashes, a powerful new approach to enabling super-fast, super-smart search. 

A step-by-step onboarding will guide you through the process. After you create a new neural index, you will identify the fields which most accurately describe the records in your collection — these are the fields that Neuralsearch will use for queries. If you’re not sure, don’t worry — our system will automatically suggest an appropriate selection. 

Weighting the schema fields for the neural-index.

Once created, re-index your collection so the neural index field can be populated with a neural hash value. Then, you can follow the prompt to update your relevance settings to use the new neural index that was just generated, and tune the settings to see search results update in real-time. 

The pulsing orange icon in the visual preview indicates results which have been scored by Neuralsearch. Once you’re satisfied with the results, save the new pipeline.

That’s it, you’re done! Neuralsearch is enabled on your collection, and when customers query your site, they’re also querying against the neural index.

Neuralsearch provides incredible relevance out of the box for most collections, but mileage will vary depending most on the quality of the data and how accurately the field(s) in the neural index represent the semantic meaning of your records.

It also means there’s much less effort required to get great search results. 

  • Better results for single keyword queries, long queries, or questions
  • Concept-based searches just work
  • It understands synonyms and words with multiple meanings (polysemy), so you don’t need to manually add synonyms for common terms
  • You don’t need to write relevance rules anymore
  • It understands common misspellings
  • Results in less time than an eye blink

Neuralsearch makes it possible to spend more time focused on your business, and less time wondering whether customers can find what they need. Neuralsearch works in tandem with any other custom ranking and dynamic boosting settings, and can improve results even more.

Neuralsearch is now in public beta. We will have more announcements and releases soon. 

Try Neuralsearch today. Sign up today for a free 14-day trial to see how Neuralsearch works for your site, or schedule time with our team for a demo.

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