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Last November we released Promotion Rules for Search.io, enabling Merchandisers to spend less time manually curating and optimising results. What we didn’t anticipate was just how much the promotion capabilities would improve people’s workflows and efficiency.

As a quick reminder, with Promotion Rules you can curate collections or popular searches with a beautifully simple, visual interface. Promotion Rules enable you to adjust your results to tell compelling stories with machine learning optimized relevance as a foundation.  

Dynamic merchandising

Often collections, category or brand pages are manually curated by merchandizers. Hours and hours are spent arranging products in a specific order, often based on popularity, discounts or inventory that needs to be moved. Depending on how fast inventory moves, the same needs to be done again week after week.

In Search.io you can manually “pin” products to a specific position in search results or on category pages. But that is not where the true power of merchandising lies.

Ranking adjustments based on a variety of boosts is what entirely changes the game. Now, instead of manually curating every single product in the “Dress Sale” page, you can automate the ranking based on attributes on your product. Giving you the flexibility to optimise what’s most important for your business. Examples include optimizing for:

  • Margin
  • Price
  • Inventory
  • Brands
  • Or on any other attribute you can measure

Instead of manually organising the order of products based on inventory levels at that point in time, you can create an inventory_quantity boost and dynamically promote items with higher levels of inventory.

on-site search merchandising boost config

Boosting on inventory_quantity alone however isn't super useful. To optimise our sales, we might want to consider other data such as margin or price. By simply adding a second boost and adjusting the strengths of each, we can promote the more expensive items with higher inventory levels.

site search ranking adjustments

Put a pin in it

That doesn’t mean there is no need for manual curation at all. You might still choose to promote a dozen products at the top, whether it’s due to vendor agreements or aesthetic reasons. To display an item at a specific position in the search results, simply drag and drop it to the desired spot and it will automatically be pinned.

This gives you the best of both worlds, manual curation and automated ranking. The automated ranking adjustments mean that you don’t have to worry about optimising the long tail of products manually.

With Search.io, you can optimise merchandising at scale to maximise revenue for top products and long-tail searches. Don’t just take our word for it, give it a try. Sign up for a free 14-day trial or contact us to schedule a custom demo with your product data to see Search.io in action.  

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