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Faster and Easier Online Merchandising Design

Faster and Easier Online Merchandising Design

Today, much of an online merchandiser’s work is to manually organize site content for product campaigns and sales. It’s often slow, tedious work.

That’s why we’re introducing new Promotion Rules to help you unleash your creative side. Curate collections or popular searches with a beautifully simple, visual interface. Promotion Rules enable you to adjust your results to tell compelling stories with machine learning optimized relevance as a foundation.  

With Promotion Rules you will spend less time manually curating and optimizing your next fashion sale on winter jackets, leaving more time for what differentiates your business, creativity.

Curated, automated, or both

Drag and drop individual products into the right spot or select multiple products to move them simultaneously. Adjust the order of products with automated promotion rules, optimized around stock levels, popularity, margins, or any other available data points. Or mix and match to manually curate the top results while leveraging the automated optimization for the long tail of products.

Online merchandising product curation
Drag and "pin" products in the order you want to display them on site search results and category pages.

Plan ahead

There is no need for a last-minute rush and no more forgetting to turn off a promotion rule. Instead, plan your online merchandising strategy ahead of time and schedule it for a given period.

Schedule merchandising campaigns
Schedule your merchandising campaigns ahead of time.

View it differently

Customize the number of columns, the data shown, and the images displayed with the View Options. Not only does it give you a better feel for how the result set looks on mobile, but it also puts the product data you most care about at your fingertips.

Manage merchandising displays
Customize results with the number of columns, images, and descriptions with View Options

Tell better stories

With Promotion settings, you are no longer limited to displaying only items from that specific category page. Instead, pull in related products from other categories to complete the look. So, for example, do you want to show the matching handbag next to the dress? Or the matching shirt next to the sneakers? No problem. Search for the product and drag and drop it right into the result set. It really couldn't get any easier than this.

Online merchandising campaign product curation
Mix and match products to design merchandising campaigns.

Optimize with dynamic boosting and personalization

The new merchandising features also work with our dynamic boosting, personalization, and other search optimization features such as A/B testing. In effect, you can layer on each of these features to build completely custom promotions with machine learning to boost conversions, revenue, and profitability.

Ready for your retail merchandising campaigns

The new Promotion Rules are now available for your next retail merchandising campaign. Sign up for a free 14-day trial, or speak with one of our search and merchandising experts to see how it’ll work with your store.

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